Last November, when my summer holiday was only faint memory and the next trip was not in sight, I got a bad case of wanderlust. There was (and still is) so much that I want to see, so many places I have never been to, and I didn't even have any big trips planned for 2016. So my mom and I decided that if I couldn't go on a big trip, we could at least take a small trip and explore Venice, Italy for a couple of days...

Sometimes I forget that I have the privilege of living in Europe, which makes it easy to see amazing places without long-distance flights. So we booked a hotel for 4 days and the flights (which only takes 1 hour and 20 minutes). The weeks before our trip my excitement grew bigger and bigger. I have only been to Italy once before and I was excited to go back again. This trip also gave me a chance to try out my new camera, which I only got the week before. So if you'd like to see what I saw in Venice, just keep on reading...

We took a ferry boat from the airport to the hotel. On the hour-long drive I got my first impression if Venice and its many surrounding islands. 

This was the view of our hotel room. The island you see ahead is called San Giorgio Maggiore. The sky was cloudy the day we arrived, which lent a very mysterious feeling to Venice!

I saw this couple being photographed on the famous Piazza San Marco. I don't know whether the two people were an actual couple or just models but I thought they would make a nice subject anyway :)

There were a lot of really expensive Italian fashion shops on the island. Even though I can't afford any of these clothes, it was fun seeing the designs in real life and not just in glossy magazines.

This is what I loved most about Venice: The quaint, charming alleys and the turquoise water you would see at every corner. It's magical to see how these really old houses are still there to this day and people actually live there!

Obviously I had to stop for some gelato at some point...

The first day we went for a long boat drive down the Canal Grande and gazed at the beautiful palazzi.

The second day the weather was beautiful and we took the boat to the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. On the way there these two sassy seagulls photobombed my picture!

From the steeple of the church San Giorgio Maggiore you have the most amazing 360° view. And because we got so lucky with the weather you can actually see the mountains in the back!

I just wandered around the little island and found this secluded private pier...

The four days were over way to soon. I took the photo above on my last night. Venice is such a beautiful, magical place and I highly recommend visiting it. As soon as you get away from the touristy spots you feel like you were transported into a different age. I definitely want to go back one day. So for now, I'll say: Arrivederci Venezia!