Pastel & Gold Easter Eggs

I can't believe it's Easter already! Didn't I write my christmas wishlist just last month? Anyhow, Easter is right around the corner and it's definitely one of my favourite holidays, for two good reasons: chocolate everywhere as well as beautiful decorations to greet spring. Every year I feel like decorating some easter eggs and this year is no different. So I came up with two pretty yet easy ways to make this Easter extra-special...

This year I made fancy gold-dipped eggs and pastel eggs with gold splatter. I just love gold paint! It makes everything so much prettier. I feel like the white eggs with the gold-dipped bottom look so classy, yet minimalistic. The pastel eggs look a bit more vivid yet the gold splatter lends them a hint of elegance. Of course you could colour the eggs any colour you like, I feel like black with gold splatter would look amazing too! Now all I need for those little beauties is a nest to put them in...

Pastel eggs with gold splatter


what you'll need

  • empty white or brown eggs
  • Pastel egg-dye or any kind of egg-dye
  • Gold acrylic paint (I like this one)
  • a small paintbrush
  • a piece of styrofoam and a few wood skewers to dry the eggs on

How to make the eggs:

  1. Colour the eggs according to the package. Do not leave the eggs in the dye for too long, otherwise they will not be pastel! It's best to check the eggs every 30 seconds or so.
  2. Put the skewer in the styrofoam and the eggs on the skewer (using the hole in the eggs you made to empty them) and let them dry completely.
  3. Thin out about half a teaspoon of the gold paint with a few drops of water. Use the brush and your finger to spritz on the gold paint.
  4. Let the eggs dry completely on the skewer. Done! :)

Gold-dipped eggs


You'll need:

  • empty white eggs
  • gold acrylic paint
  • a paintbrush
  • adhesive craft tape
  • a pice of styrofoam and a few wood skewers

How to make them:

  1. Cut a long strip of the craft tape and cut it in half horizontally so you're left with a thin stripe of tape. Wrap the tape around the egg, about 1 inch up from the bottom. Press down the tape firmly so it really sticks to the egg.
  2. Use the paintbrush to paint on the first layer of the gold paint on the lower half of the egg.
  3. Put the egg on the skewer and insert the skewer into the styrofoam. Let the paint dry for about 1 h.
  4. Apply a second layer of paint to the eggs and let them dry again.
  5. When the paint has fully dried, carefully remove the tape.

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