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English · 03. August 2017
Hello World. I haven't posted anything on this blog in a long time and it almost feels weird to write again. What happened? Lots of things! I started attending church on Sundays, which meant less time for baking on sunday afternoons. Also, I fell in love and got a boyfriend. No biggie. Ha! Of course it's a biggie! So yeah. All of a sudden my priorities shifted. He is a pretty amazing guy, actually the best man I know, and I love him a whole lot. (He subscribed to the blog, let's see whether he...
English · 02. January 2017
Happy New Year, friends! I can't believe it's 2017 already. Where did 2016 go? Gotta admit though, I'm kind of happy to be done with last year. Although I had a great year myself, it has been a horrible year for lots of people. I hope that 2017 brings hope, love and peace. Personally, I'm looking forward to meeting new people this year, making new memories and seeing new places. One of my resolutions (yes, yes I know...) is to post on this blog more regularly. So, in the spirit of doing better...
English · 06. November 2016
My mom taught me how to bake. On the weekends she would often bake waffles, and we would top them with sour cherry compote and cream. So easy yet so wonderful. Not only was I allowed to lick the bowl, I remember helping her by measuring ingredients, mixing batter and so on. And just like my mom taught me how to bake, my mom learned from her mother, my grandmother. She would often bake this cheesecake when we came to visit on weekends. The recipe has been in my family for about 50 years now, so...
English · 16. October 2016
I need more time! Seriously, how is it October already? I just got back from the US a few weeks ago (at least that's what it feels like...). These last few weeks really flew by, because so much has happened: I moved to Hamburg to get my Masters Degree! So far I really like college, especially the people in my year. I've made some really good friends already and I can't wait to see what the next two years have in stock for us! Anyhow, I made this plum cake twice before I left. It's a very...
English · 22. June 2016
I have a new addiction - it's called Vanilla Iced Coffee. I know, that's not exactly a new thing but it is for me, as I usually drink my coffee hot with a splash of milk. However, recently I've been drinking my coffee on ice with a splash of my homemade vanilla syrup every afternoon in the garden. It's the perfect combination of coffee with a hint of sweetness and vanilla and it's so refreshing. Simply the perfect summer treat! In my opinion, homemade syrup is so mich better than storebought....
English · 15. June 2016
I love homemade jam! I love any kind of jam to be honest, but in my opinion, homemade jam is simply the best. You know exactly what kind of fruit goes in and you can adjust the sweetness to your taste. Even the process of making jam is fun to me; the perfect way to spend a (rainy) afternoon! Also, everyone loves jam so homemade jam makes the perfect gift for family & friends. And the combination of strawberry and rhubarb with a hint of vanilla is so, so good. Need I say more?
English · 06. June 2016
The first cake that I made own my own as a child was this chocolate cake, that's how easy the recipe is. However, the cake also taste amazing (soft but not dry and soo chocolatey) which is why I have made it countless times ever since. I make this cake for birthdays, for when we have guests or simply for those sunday afternoons when you want to enjoy a piece of good cake with your cup of coffee (or tea).
English · 17. May 2016
Strawberry season has finally arrived! I'm probably not the only person obsessed with strawberries. I love going to the market and seeing the first German strawberries laying there, just waiting for me to bring the home and turn them into something even more beautiful (if that's even possible). My kind of beauty: cake in all shapes and sizes.
English · 24. April 2016
Some things were simply made for eachother. A few examples: Coffee and milk, Angelina and Brad, Romeo and Juliet (okay, there was no happy ending for those two but still)... But if there were such a thing as soulmates in the world of food it would be peanuts and chocolate.