About Coco

Hello there! I'm so happy you found me.


My name is Coco, I'm a 23 year old student from Cologne, Germany. Last year I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition & Food Sciences from college. However, my passion for all things food & baking has started long before that. My mother taught me how to bake at

a young age, always letting me lick the spoon once (or twice). A sweet treat after dinner or a beautiful cake on the weekend was a must in our house, and I love these traditions. From that point on, I would always scan the dessert part of a menu first. After all, dessert is the best part of any meal! 


I started this blog as a compilation of my favorite recipes, an outlet for my obsession with chocolate and most of all, simply a place to write about the things I love most in life: sweet treats, photography & my travels. All photos were taken by me, unless otherwise stated. Have a look around, leave me a comment, and enjoy!